Our Values

At Leaf Group, we have always celebrated diversity and equality. We believe in the culture of dignity, respect and compassion and we practice this through partnering with suppliers with similar values. Our suppliers pride themselves on their ethical, transparent and traceable supply chains. Amongst them are highly ranked ethical stakeholders, and those with increasing social, environmental and ethical practices. We are proud to partner with suppliers that provide high quality and environmentally conscious products while meeting high social and ethical standards.

Recycling Services

At Leaf Group we truly value the three sustainable values of people, planet and profit. Our services go beyond offering an ethical Eco-range to our clients. The after-use stage in the product lifecycle is of great importance for us and we aim to minimise our products’ environmental impacts where we can. We are very proud to say that together with our valued partner, we offer recycling services to our clients and suppliers. Through our recycling services, the used products are remanufactured into brand new and useful products. This not only diverts textiles from landfill, but also boosts local economies.